A college education often leads to higher lifetime earnings. Also, a good college education can be a pathway to social mobility, providing opportunities for a better quality of life. However, the cost of a course represents a significant financial investment.  In the prevailing tough economic environment, balancing coursework requirements alongside work, family, and social commitments can be challenging. The cost of education can lead to debt and financial strain. Also, academic demands can lead to stress and pressure. Therefore, it is important to find a course and college enables a student to build a career while avoiding the financial burden associated with college education.

One of the questions in the mind of students with the intention of enrolling for Certified Public Accountants (CPA) is how much the course will cost. CPA is one of the most marketable professional courses in Kenya, the region and the world over. There are different cost components for CPA in Kenya including:

  • Classes
  • KASNEB: Registration, Examination Booking and/ or Exemption Fees
  • Learning material: Text Books, Revision Kits and, Past Papers


Different colleges offering the CPA course in Kenya charge different rates for classes. The cost of classes varies depending on the needs, requirements and preferences of a students. While some students opt for self-study which is relatively cheap, others opt for full time (physical or online) or block revision classes. Therefore, the cost for CPA classes varies depending on option that a student selects.

KASNEB: Registration, Examination Booking and/ or Exemption Fees

The cost of CPA also includes registration, examination booking and/or exemption fees. The registration, examination booking and exemption fees for CPA effective from July 2021 is as follows:

Registration Fees
  Registration Fee Annual Registration Renewal Fee Registration Reaction Fee
Professional Examination- CPA KSHS 7500

US$ 125

KSHS 2000

US$ 35

KSHS 4000

US$ 65


Professional Examinations Booking Fees
Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
Foundation- Per paper 1400 27
Intermediate- Per Paper 2400 45
Advanced – Per Paper 3,600 67
Practical Paper: Business & Data Analytics 7,500 125


Exemption Fees
Professional Examination
Foundation – Per Paper 2,500 40
Intermediate – Per Paper 3,500 60
Advanced – Per Paper 4,500 75

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 RCM Online College’s Premier Tuition Offerings

RCM Online College is one of the leading online colleges offering CPA and other KASNEB courses in Kenya and the region.  The college offers premier tuition offerings in CPA and other courses. For just Ksh 4800 per unit, experience flexible learning with our online and physical classes at Stanbank House, 1st floor.

RCM Online College offers superior value through high-quality education which includes:

  • Block revision videos
  • Pre-recorded study videos
  • Comprehensive revision videos
  • Concise study notes
  • Interactive Zoom live classes
  • Access to all past papers

Modes of study

At RCM Online College students can take advantage of flexible learning schedules by enrolling for classes that suit their needs including:

  • Early morning classes (6:00am)
  • Day classes (8:00am to 4:00pm)
  • Evening classes 6pm to 8pm)
  • Late evening 8pm to 10pm
  • Weekend only: Saturday and Sunday classes.

Learning Material: Text Books and Revision Kits

RCM Online College in collaboration with RCM Publishers has curated study texts and revision kits for CPA and other KASNEB courses at affordable rates. The prices for hard copy study text and revision kits for CPA is Kshs.1500 and Kshs.1000 respectively; the price for BDA study text is Kshs.2000. The prices for soft copy study text and revision kits for CPA is Kshs.800 and Kshs.600 respectively; the price for BDA study text is Kshs.1000.

Reach out to the RCM Online College help desk for more information and assistance with the enrollment for classes to ensure preparedness for the upcoming August 2024 examination.

Visit our website at https://www.rcmonlinecollege.co.ke, email us at [email protected], call us at 0793555000/0719525000, or visit us at Stanbank House, 1st floor along Moi Avenue, Nairobi for clarification