There has been a shift in education in recent years, as evidenced by a rise in online learning in recent years. The factors that have contributed to the growth of this phenomenon include advancements in technology, access to smart devices, and proliferation of the internet, and globalization. The adoption of online classes was further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and this phenomenon will remain on an upward trend.

At RCM Online College we have embraced the technological trends in the education sector. Specifically, the college offers both physical and online classes to ensure student learning convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. The college also has an application that gives students CPA lectures and course material even when offline.

 RCM Online College Online Classes

RCM Online College utilizes different online and technological platforms for the delivery of course material for CPA and other KASNEB and KNEC courses offered by the institution. The online and technological platforms that the college uses include:

Online Zoom classes

RCM Online College students can enroll for virtual classes that they can attend remotely in the comfort of their homes, workplaces, and other feasible locations. The college’s Zoom classes target both full-time and part-time students. There are a number of benefits that students can be able to enjoy by enrolling in full-time and part-time online classes. The benefits include:

  • Reliable: Online Zoom classes are reliable, especially for CPA students with other commitments such as family and work. For example, students who cannot attend physical classes owing to work commitments get an opportunity to attend part-time classes at their workplace.
  • Flexible: Online Zoom classes offer learning flexibility. Also, students that cannot be able to attend physical classes due to geographical restrictions can be able to enroll in the Zoom online classes at RCM Online College. Students from other counties in Kenya can be able to attend Zoom classes despite their physical distance. Zoom online classes also offer time flexibility because one can be able to attend early morning or evening classes remotely.
  • Convenient: Online Zoom classes offer study convenience for students. Zoom classes offer students convenience of study, especially in comparison to physical classes. Students do not have to travel to physical classrooms to attend classes which offers them time and cost convenience during their study. Also, students can be able to multitask when studying. For example, students with family duties such as caring for their loved ones can be able to multi-task and thus do not have to miss the opportunity to study.
  • Affordable: The charges for online Zoom classes for the CPA course are pocket-friendly. Also, CPA students who attend Online Zoom classes do not have to incur costs such as transport and other charges.

The RCM College App ‘Soma Offline’

RCM Online College has an App dubbed ‘Soma Offline’ that allows students to access CPA video lectures and course content offline. The application allows a student to access specific video packages for CPA classes and consequently study at their own convenience even when offline.  In doing so, students will be able to save on the cost of data, which can be exorbitant especially when one does not have access to Wi-Fi. The app is available for all devices and has a high rating of 4.1. Try it today!!

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RCM Online College charges pocket-friendly rates for its Online Zoom classes and access to the App Offline Videos. Contact the RCM Online College help desk for more information on the rate for enrollment for the Online Zoom classes and RCM Online College app.

Visit the RCM Online College website at, email us at [email protected], call us at +254719525000 or visit us at Corner House 13th Floor along Kimathi Street, Suite A6 for clarification.