Study texts and revision kits are important tools when learning. Study texts and revision kits provide comprehensive learning material, concepts, and practice questions thus ensuring effective learning and exam preparedness. To achieve the stipulated learning outcomes and pass examinations for different KASNEB courses including CPA (Certified Public Accountant), ATD (Accounting Technicians Diploma), and CIFA (Certified Investment and Financial Analyst) it is crucial to have study texts and revision kits.

RCM Online College has study texts and revision kits curated by a highly competent team and published by RCM Publishers at highly competitive prices.

Advantages Of Study Texts and Revision Kits

Having study kits and revision kits has several advantages that students taking KASNEB courses can leverage to ensure learning effectiveness and exam preparedness. The advantages include:

  1. Clear Concepts: Study texts provide detailed explanations of the course concepts. The study books provide detailed explanations using examples, and illustrations that ensure students understand difficult topics. Thus, study books enhance comprehension and retention of the course content.
  2. Comprehensive Content: Study texts cover the entire syllabus or curriculum of a course. Having a structured and comprehensive overview of each of the topics in the curriculum ensures that students have all the necessary information to achieve the learning outcomes and pass exams with ease.
  3. Exam Preparation: Revision kits are structured in a format that helps students prepare for exams. They often include past exam papers, sample questions, and mock exams, allowing students to familiarize themselves with the exam format and practice answering questions under timed conditions.
  4. Independent Learning: Study texts and revision kits encourage independent learning. They provide students with the resources to study at their own pace, review materials independently, and take control of their learning process.
  5. Practice and Application: Revision kits often include practice questions, quizzes, and exercises that allow students to apply their knowledge. This hands-on approach helps reinforce learning and ensures that students can practically apply what they have studied.
  6. Reference Material: Study texts contain valuable reference material. Therefore, students can go back to these resources whenever they need to review a concept, clarify doubts, or refresh their understanding. This is particularly helpful when preparing for exams or assignments.
  7. Self-Assessment: Many revision kits include self-assessment tools, allowing students to gauge their understanding of the material. This self-assessment helps them identify areas where they may need further study or clarification.
  8. Structured Learning: Both study texts and revision kits usually follow a logical and structured progression of topics. This helps students build a solid foundation and gradually progress from basic to more advanced concepts in a systematic way.
  9. Time Management: Revision kits allow students to create schedules and timelines. This guidance can be helpful for students to manage their time effectively, ensuring that they cover all the necessary topics before exams.
  10. Updates and Relevance: Textbooks and revision kits are regularly updated to reflect changes in the field of study. This ensures that students are learning the most current and relevant information, particularly important in rapidly evolving disciplines.

RCM Online College Study Texts and Revision Kits

  • Study Texts – RCM Online College has study texts for CPA, ATD, BDA, and CIFA that enable students to dive deep into learning. The study books are priced at an unbeatable 1500, our study texts are your ultimate investment.
  • Revision Kits – RCM Online College revision kits are your trusted exam buddy The revision kits are priced at just Ksh. 1,000. These handy companions condense questions into easily digestible solutions.


  1. Students can purchase RCM Online College books from Text Book Centre, Savannis Bookshop, and Eretto Bookshop- Nakuru.
  2. Students can get the soft copies of the revision kits and study kits on our offline app <…> Alternatively students can make an order for the revision kits and study texts by dialing 0793 555 000.

From our highly competent team at RCM Online College, we wish you the very best as you pursue the KASNEB Courses for the January to April 2024 semester.

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