Are you feeling anxious about the upcoming exams? The April 2024 KASNEB exams will be held in a few weeks’ time. Specifically, the exams will be held from Monday, 22 April 2024 to Friday, 26 April 2024. It is not too late. There is adequate time for effective revision especially with the right support, recommended material and study strategy. Students have the opportunity to ensure preparedness and consequently pass their exams in the first attempt by enrolling for block revision classes.

Enroll for KASNEB-CPA block revision classes at RCM Online College

Benefits of Block Revision Classes

There are a number of benefits that KASNEB students can enjoy by enrolling for block revision classes at RCM Online College. The benefits include:

  1. Focused learning: The block revision classes offered by RCM Online College are intensive. The classes are also focused on specific topics thus allowing students to concentrate on areas where they need the most improvement.
  2. Structured approach: The block revision classes RCM Online College follow a structured schedule that covers key topics systematically. The structured nature of the block revision classes will help students manage their time effectively and ensures comprehensive revision.
  3. Efficient use of time: The RCM Online College block revision classes have dedicated time slots for revision. Therefore, students can make the most of their study time without distractions, leading to better retention of information and understanding of concepts.
  4. Expert guidance: RCM Online College block revision classes are led by experienced and highly competent lecturers with vast experience with KASNEB courses and exams. Therefore, the lecturers provide valuable insights, explanations, and exam strategies tailored to the needs of the students.
  5. Practice and feedback: RCM Online College block revision classes allow students to engage in practice exercises, quizzes, and mock exams. In doing so, students that enroll for the classes can assess their progress and receive feedback on areas needing more focus and consequently improvement.
  6. Motivation and peer Support: Studying alone can be exhausting because of lack of peer support and motivation. RCM Online College block revision classes allows students to study in a group setting which boosts motivation and provide peer support. Also, students can share study tips, clarify doubts, and encourage each other throughout the revision process.
  7. Consolidation of knowledge: RCM Online College block revision classes allows students to revisit and consolidate previously learned material. In doing so, students can reinforce their understanding and memory recall, which is crucial for performing well in exams.

Reduction of Exam Anxiety: RCM Online College block revision classes ensures thorough revision and practice. As thus, students can feel more confident and less anxious about facing their exams, as they would have covered the material extensively and be better prepared for the challenges ahead.

RCM Online College Block Revision Offers and Rates

RCM Online College offers different block revision packages to suit the diverse needs of CPA students. Also, the college offers pocket friendly rates for its physical and online classes. The packages are as follows:

  • Last mile videos – ksh.1000
  • Blocks plus Last Mile videos – Ksh.2500
  • Class videos plus Blocks – Ksh.2500
  • Blocks only – Ksh.2000
  • Advanced Level students special Revision (lunch hour) – Ksh. 800

Note: The charges stated is per unit. Take advantage of the block revision offers!! ENROLL TODAY by contacting the RCM Online College help desk.

From our highly competent team at RCM Online College, we wish you the very best as you revise and sit for April 2024 KASNEB exams.

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