RCM Online College is currently admitting students for the August- December 2023 semester for different KASNEB, KNEC, and ACCA courses including CPA, BDA, ACCA, ATD, CS, and CIFA. The college understands the current economic environment and thus has EARLY BIRD OFFERS for students who enroll before the 5th of August 2023. Our normal rate is Ksh.4500 per unit, so take advantage of the current discounts and pay only Ksh.4200 per unit. Students taking the BDA course will pay a highly discounted rate of only Ksh.8000 instead of the normal rate of Ksh.9000. HURRY ENROLL TODAY to take advantage of the EARLY BIRD OFFERS.

 Features of the RCM Online College System

RCM Online College has created a system that enables our students to enjoy diverse benefits including:

  • Zoom live and recordings

Do you want to study remotely on Zoom? RCM Online College has embraced modern technology thus students can be able to attend classes remotely via Zoom in the comfort of their homes, offices, and other study areas. The college also makes recordings of Zoom live classes that it shares with its students through different platforms including WhatsApp groups and our website.

  • Extensive exam practice

Practice makes perfect!! RCM Online College students have an opportunity to engage with exam material in readiness for exams. Our highly competent team of lecturers has curated course content that ensures constant exposure and engagement with exam material. Engagement with exam material ensures that our students are well-prepared to tackle challenging exam questions.

  • Mock exams and chapter-wise tests

Do you want to test your readiness for exams? The college offers mock exams for the different courses and chapter-wise tests that ensure that our students have synthesized examinable concepts, theories, and formulas. The mock exams and chapter-wise tests also enable our students to evaluate their progress in the achievement of learning outcomes for each topic and readiness for exams.

  • WhatsApp support and discussion

Have you joined the RCM Online College WhatsApp groups for your respective classes?  RCM Online College offers WhatsApp support and discussion. The college administrators and lecturers share announcements, timetables, and learning material through WhatsApp groups. Students can also get support from their peers, our administrators, and lecturers on the queries and issues they encounter when studying with us.

  • Extended access to video recordings

Do you always feel like classes are too short and the material delivered is too much to synthesize in one sitting? At RCM Online College students have access to recorded video of some of the classes covering different course material over extended periods. The recorded classes help our students to synthesize course material for preparation for exams and ensure that they are ready for today’s highly competitive job market.

  • Downloadable video lectures

Create a library of recorded lecturers today!! The recorded videos of classes accessible to RCM Online College students are also downloadable. Create your library of classes that you can use when studying offline in the comfort of your homes, offices, and other study areas.

To enjoy the numerous advantages offered by the RCM Online College system, ENROLL TODAY!!

Study Modes

RCM Online College offers different study modes to suit the needs and preferences of different student groups. The study modes offered by the college include:

  • Early morning classes
  • Day classes
  • Evening classes
  • Late evening classes
  • Weekend-only classes
  • Online classes

Note: Contact the RCM Online College help desk to get timetables for the different study modes offered by the college.

From our highly competent team at RCM Online College, we wish you the very best as you study with us and in your upcoming exams.

Visit the RCM website at https://www.rcmonlinecollege.co.ke/, email us at [email protected], call us at +254719525000 or visit us at Corner House 13th Floor along Kimathi Street, Suite A6 for clarification.