Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD)

Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD) is one of the diploma programmes administered by KASNEB in Kenya. Successful completion of the ATD equips one with the skills and knowledge that enable one to work as a middle-level accounting professional in different areas including auditing, taxation, and accounting. ENROLL TODAY!! for the ATD course at RCM Online College to kick-start your career in accounting.

Enrollment Qualifications for ATD

To enroll for the ATD classes and register for the ATD diploma exams with KASNEB a student requires the following minimum qualifications.

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination with an aggregate average of at least grade C- (C Minus) or equivalent qualifications.
  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examination grade D.
  • Any other KASNEB technician or diploma examination certificate.

Contact the help desk at RCM Online College help desk for assistance in enrollment for the course and registration for the ATD exams at KASNEB.

Other requirements necessary for the registration of the ATD exams at KASNEB include:

  • A copy of your ID card
  • Recent passport-size photos (2)
  • Copy of the ID

ATD Course Structure

KASNEB has structured the ATD course in three levels as follows:

Level One

  • AD 11: Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • AD 12: Introduction to Law and Ethics
  • AD 13: Entrepreneurship and Communication
  • AD 14: Information Communication Technology

Level Two

Level Three

Enroll for ATD classes at RCM Online College to complete the course requirements and sit for ATD exams within one and a half years or less.

Preparation for ATD Exams

  • Classes

At RCM Online College we offer classes that equip our students with skills and knowledge that will enable our students to realize their career aspirations as middle-level accountants in the private and public sector. Our college offers value for money through well-packaged coursework that ensures that our students are well-prepared to handle difficult accounting questions and ensure that they are ready for the job market. Enroll today!!

  • ATD Study Books

RCM Online College in collaboration with RCM Publishers offers ATD students with revision kits that help in preparation for the ATD exams. RCM Publishers was established in the year 2013 and has been offering accounting students with revision material that helps them to understand seemingly difficult accounting concepts and questions. The ATD study books have comprehensive exam quizzes and exam guides that are curated by RCM Online College top lecturers. ATD students should visit the RCM Publishers page or contact the RCM Online College help desk to get our ATD study books TODAY.

  • Block Revision

RCM offers a block revision program for ATD students. The ATD block revision program is an intense one-month program that helps students to prepare for exams. If you have registered for the ATD exams on KASNEB and want to be ready enroll for the RCM Online College block revision program. Contact the RCM Online College help desk to ENROLL for the ATD block revision program TODAY.

From our highly competent team at RCM Online College, we wish you the very best as you study with us and in your exams.

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