Block Revision Classes for CPA, ATD, CIFA, ACCA, BDA, CIFA, KNEC DIPLOMA

RCM Online College is offering block revision classes for different courses including CPA (Certified Public Accountants), ATD (Accounting Technicians Diploma), CIFA (Certified Forensic Fraud), ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), BDA (Business Data Analytics), CIFA ( Certified Investment and Financial Analysts) and KNEC diplomas. RCM Online College will be charging a highly discounted rate for the block revision. There are numerous benefits that students get from the block revision program. Also, the block revision program has flexible scheduling to meet the needs of our students. HURRY ENROLL TODAY for the block revision classes to take advantage of the SHORT-TIME OFFER.

Benefits of the Block Revision Classes

The block revision program by RCM Online College is personalized, intense and ensures high engagement with the course material, other students, and our lecturers. There are diverse advantages of enrolling in the block revision program at RCM Online College including:

  • High focus: During the block revision student ensure high focus on key concepts and theories in the respective course material. In doing so, students reduce the stress often associated with handling voluminous course materials when preparing for exams. Also, our lecturers at RCM Online College can streamline student efforts during block revision to ensure that they can synthesize all course topics within a short period.
  • Emphasizes topics and concepts likely to be examined: Our lecturers at RCM Online College have vast experience with exams from KASNEB, ACCA, and KNEC which they leverage when preparing material for the block revision program.
  • Motivation: Often students experience low motivation when they have to tackle voluminous course material alone. The block revision program is curated to ensure high student motivation. The program is also intense which ensures that students are not distracted or bored. Are you demotivated?
  • Conducive study environment: The block revision program offered by RCM Online College enables students to engage with our lecturers and other students to tackle challenging course concepts. In doing so, students can synthesize course material within a short period thus ensuring that they are ready for exams.

To enjoy the numerous advantages of the RCM Online College block revision programs, ENROLL TODAY!!

Block Revision Classes Timetable and Scheduling

RCM Online College will be communicating the block revision timetable for the different courses aforementioned. Also, the block revision program is scheduled to meet the different needs of our students. For instance, part-time students can be able to attend block revision scheduled early in the morning from 5.00 to 7.00 am.  There are block revision classes in the afternoon (2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.), evening (4.00-6.00 p.m., 6.00-8.00 p.m.), and night 8.00-10.00 pm). The flexible scheduling of the block revision ensures high attendance even by students that have other commitments such as work.

For more information on the block revision timetables and scheduling contact the help desk at RCM Online College.

Charges for the Block Revision Classes

RCM Online College is offering its students a limited-time offer of only Ksh. 1500 per unit for students that enroll before 15th August. The normal charge for the block revision classes is Ksh. 3000 per unit. Take advantage of this short-time offer and ENROLL TODAY.

For more information on the block revision charges contact the help desk at RCM Online College.

From our highly competent team at RCM Online College, we wish you the very best as you study with us and in your upcoming exams.

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