The intakes for KASNEB courses are in January, May and September but may vary depending on exam dates. The results for the April 2024 exams have already been released. Therefore, students that were waiting for exam results to enroll for the May-August semester for different KASNEB courses including CPA, CIFA, CS and ATD should do so TODAY. Traditionally, there were only two intakes per year thus students had adequate time for studies and preparing for exams. However, since KASNEB introduced the trimester thus student have roughly three months to complete course work and prepare for exams. It is important for student to enroll for the May-August semester immediately to avoid missing out on important concepts.

RCM Online College MAY Admission

Classes for the May-August 2024 semester at RCM Online College started in the beginning of the month of MAY. However, you are not late you can still ENROLL TODAY.

KASNEB Courses Offered

The college offers diverse KASNEB courses including:

The benefits of studying at RCM Online College include:

  1. Zoom live and recorded lectures
  2. Extensive exam practice
  3. Mock exams and chapter wise tests
  4. WhatsApp support and discussion
  5. Extended access to video recordings on LMS
  6. Downloadable video lectures

Study Texts and Revision Kits

  • RCM Online College has study texts and revision kits curated by a highly competent team and published by RCM Publishers. Specifically, the college offers study texts for CPA, ATD, BDA, and CIFA that provide comprehensive course material that ensures ease of study and exam preparedness. The study books are priced at an unbeatable 1500 only for all the texts except BDA which is Ksh.2000. Therefore, the study texts are your ultimate investment for students that want to excel in their studies and pass their exams in the first attempt. Students can purchase RCM Online College books from different bookshops including:
  • Text Book Centre
  • Savannis Bookshop
  • Eretto Bookshop- Nakuru.
  • Revision Kits – RCM Online College revision kits are ‘your trusted exam buddy’. The revision kits are priced at just 1,000. These handy companions condense questions into easily digestible solutions. Students can get the soft copies of the revision kits and study kits on our offline app <…> Alternatively students can make an order for the revision kits and study texts by dialing 0793 555 000.


RCM Online College has different study modes including:

  • Early morning classes
  • Day classes
  • Evening classes
  • Late evening classes
  • Online/Physical classes

Study Formats and Charges

RCM Online College offers both physical and online classes for KASNEB courses. By offering different study formats the college has been able to meet the unique needs of its students. RCM Online College offers physical classes for different KASNEB courses at Stanbank House, 1st floor along Moi Avenue, Nairobi. The college charges Ksh. 9000 per unit for its physical classes.

RCM Online College offers online classes through live sessions through zoom at pocket friendly rates. The college also has recorded lecturers and materials available on different platforms including the RCM Soma App (play store) and YouTube. RCM Online College charges pocket friendly rate of only Ksh.4800 per unit for its online classes.  The college offers Business Data Analytics (BDA) at only Ksh.9000.

Here is a sample of RCM online class lectures

Retake fees

RCM Online College will be offering discounted rates for students that have retakes. The retake charges are as follows:

  • BDA: Ksh. 5,000 for the whole semester for non-RCM Students (evidence required) and Ksh. 4,500 for RCM Online College students (evidence required)
  • CPA/ATDCS and CIFA: Ksh. 3,800 per unit for RCM Students (evidence required) and Ksh. 4,000 per unit for non- RCM Online College Students (evidence required)

Visit our website at, email us at [email protected], call us at +254719525000, or visit us at Stanbank House, 1st floor along Moi Avenue, Nairobi for clarification