In today’s tough economic times, everyone is looking for the best products/ service providers that offer value for money. Parents, guardians and students looking to enroll for CPA (Certified Public Accounting)- KASNEB course in Kenya often have challenges selecting the best college to enroll for online classes. Selecting the best college is especially important for CPA students if they want to ensure they pass their exams in the first attempt. There are a number of factors that students MUST consider when selecting online classes. These factors include:

  1. Learning flexibility: It is without question online classes offer students learning flexibility. CPA students that opt for online classes can schedule their studies during free times thus allowing them to attend to other obligations including work, family responsibilities, other courses and commitments. RCM Online College is one of the renowned virtual colleges in East Africa. CPA students that opt for online classes have two key options including:
  • Live Zoom classes
  • Prerecorded Zoom Classes

Note: RCM Online College has the Soma App available on App Store that students can download thus accessing prerecorded classes at affordable rates. Downloaded lectures are available to students offline thus they can be able to study and understand concepts remotely at no additional data cost. The college also offers free online classes on YouTube.

Here are a sample of our class lectures:

2. Accessibility: Online classes can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. CPA students that enroll for CPA classes at RCM Online College are able to overcome geographical and other barriers. As thus, CPA students in Kenya and the region can be able to attend classes at RCM Online College from different parts of the world. CPA students that travel for work commitments for example can still be able to attend CPA classes from any parts of the global and take exams at the end of the semester with ease.

3. Competent lecturers: It is crucial for online learning program to provide quality learning programs. RCM Online College has a team of highly competent lecturer that are competent in different subjects which ensures exemplary delivery of the course content. Also, the lecturers at RCM Online College have experience with KASNEB professional courses including CPA thus streamlining the lecturers to ensure student preparedness for exams.

Note: RCM Online College is one of the accredited virtual colleges in East Africa. Read More:

4. Affordable rates: Online learning is more affordable than brick and mortar classes because it eliminates the cost of commuting to class. RCM Online College offers CPA, courses at a fee of Ksh 4800 per paper. The college offers Business Data Analytics (BDA) course is available for Ksh 9000. RCM Online College allows flexible payment options including installment plans.

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5. Learning resources: RCM Online College in collaboration with RCM Publishers has curated study texts and revision kits for CPA and other KASNEB courses at affordable rates. The prices for hard copy study text and revision kits for CPA is Kshs 1500 and Kshs.1000 respectively; the price for BDA study text is Kshs.2000. The prices for soft copy study text and revision kits for CPA is Kshs.800 and Kshs.600 respectively; the price for BDA study text is Kshs.1000.

Note: Contact the RCM Online College help desk or visit the college at Stanbank House for enquiries and orders of the revision kits and revision texts.

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