One of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) by students is, what happens when one fails a KASNEB exam? The results for the January-April 2024 KASNEB exams including CPA, CIFA, CS and ATD were released earlier this month. Although there are thousands of students who passed exceptionally, others that were not fortunate to achieve the set pass mark.

Often times, when one does not pass their exams, they experience confusion and other mixed emotions. RCM Online College is here to offer guidance and support for KASNEB students that failed one or more papers in the recent and past KASNEB Exams. With guidance from our highly competent team of lecturers, well curated study books and revision kits RCM Online College believes that any students can excel in their exams and achieve their goal of becoming professionals in different fields of their choice. Here is all the information you need to know if failed one or more papers in the recent KASNEB exams.

KASNEB Credit Retention System

KASNEB has a credit retention system. The system allows a candidate who attempts papers in a level or section and passes some of the paper(s) in the level or section to retain as credit(s) the paper(s) passed. Therefore, a candidate is required to sit for the failed paper(s) only. However, a candidate must pass the failed paper(s) in a level or section within the next two and a half years or five consecutive sittings. Otherwise, the credits will be withdrawn and the candidate required to re-sit all the papers in the level or section. Therefore, if you failed one or more KASNEB papers do not give up because you still have more opportunities to re-sit them successfully.

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RCM Online College Retake Classes

The college in a quest to support students that failed one or more papers in the recent and past KASNEB exams is offering classes for this student demographic. The retake classes primarily targets RCM Online College student community. The classes are also open to other KASNEB students previously enrolled in other colleges or self-studying students. There are flexible study modes including online zoom classes and recorded videos that allow learning flexibility.

Note: Contact the RCM Online College help desk for charges on cost-per unit for students that want to enroll for retake classes.

RCM Block Revision Classes

Students who do not want to attend classes throughout the semester but want support when revising for exams can enroll for block revision classes that commence approximately one month to exam date. The block revision is a intensive learning program that allows students to focus on challenging concepts and seek clarification on topic areas which they may be having difficulties with.

Study Material and Revision Kits

Students who failed one or more papers in the recent and past KASNEB exams and do not wish to enroll for retake or block revision should study while waiting to re-sit for the exams in the next exam sitting. Such students have the opportunity to get up-to-date study materials and revision kits from RCM Online College. The college through RCM Publishers has been able to curate study material and revision kits that ensure ease of study and revision for exams. Contact the RCM Online College help desk to purchase the study kits and revision kits at pocket friendly prices.

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