The rise in online learning has been a significant trend over the past decade, accelerated
dramatically by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the number of colleges offering online
classes for KASNEB courses have been on the rise. However, students can still leverage the
unique value offered by traditional brick and mortar classes. If you are wondering whether to
enroll for physical classes or study online for KASNEB this article highlights some differences
you may want to consider.

Physical Classes

I. Mode of Delivery: In traditional brick and mortar classes, students and instructors are
physically present in a classroom. Therefore, Learning involves direct, face-to-face
II. Interaction: Physical classes are characterized by immediate and direct interaction with
instructors and peers. Also, they include classroom discussions and group activities foster
social engagement and collaboration. Body language and non-verbal cues play a
significant role in communication.
III. Flexibility: Physical classes involve fixed schedules and locations for classes. Thus,
students that attend physical classes have to commute to the educational institution.
IV. Technology: Physical classes predominately involve Limited use of technology, primarily
for presentations and supplementary materials. In most instances, physical classes rely
more on traditional teaching tools like whiteboards, textbooks, and physical handouts.
V. Cost: The cost for attending physical classes are potentially higher costs due to
transportation, accommodation (if needed), and physical materials. Also, tuition fees
might be higher due to the maintenance of physical facilities.
VI. Discipline and Structure: Physical classes provide a structured learning environment with
a clear routine where regular attendance and punctuality are emphasized.

Physical classes provide structured, face-to-face interaction, which benefits social engagement
and immediate feedback but often come with higher costs and less flexibility.
RCM Online College offers physical classes for different KASNEB courses including CPA
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Online Classes

I. Mode of Delivery: Online classes courses are delivered via the internet using various digital platforms. Therefore, learning can be synchronous (live sessions) or asynchronous (recorded lectures and materials). RCM Online College offers online classes through live sessions through zoom at pocket friendly rates. The college also has recorded lecturers and materials available on different platforms including the RCM Soma App (play store) and YouTube.
Here is a sample of RCM online class lectures


II. Interaction: Interaction in online classes primarily occurs through forums, emails, video calls, and chat functions. However, interaction in online classes can lack the immediacy and personal touch of face-to-face interaction because it relies on written communication.
III. Flexibility: Online classes offer greater flexibility in terms of time and location. Specifically, students can often access materials and complete assignments at their own pace.
IV. Technology: Online classes are characterized by heavy reliance on technology such as computers, tablets, and reliable internet. Also, the online classes utilize a variety of digital tools and platforms for learning (e.g., LMS like Canvas or Blackboard, Zoom, Google Classroom).
V. Cost: Online classes can be more cost-effective as it eliminates transportation and accommodation expenses. Also, they often use digital materials, which can reduce the cost of textbooks and physical supplies. Therefore, tuition fees and other costs may be lower due to the reduced overhead costs for institutions.
VI. Discipline and Structure: Online classes requires a high degree of self-discipline and time management skills from students. They are less structured than physical classes, which can be challenging for some learners to stay motivated and on track. Online classes offer flexibility, cost savings, and the convenience of learning from any location, but they require strong self-discipline and can lack the personal touch of direct interaction.

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