Students can access the list of accredited institutions on the KASNEB website. Accreditation ensure that institutions of higher education meet acceptable levels of quality. KASNEB accredited institutions have to comply with stipulated standards by the institution or risk revocation of the same.

Benefits of Studying at Accredited Institutions

There are a number of benefits that students can leverage by studying at accredited higher learning institutions. Those benefits include:

  • Educational Quality: Accreditation guarantees a high level of training which ensures students receive top-tier education, mentored by qualified faculty, and immersed in impactful curricula. Also, accredited institutions are committed to providing a superior learning environment.
  • Continuous Improvement and Accountability: Accreditation promotes constant enhancement. Institutions seeking accreditation and quality enhancement pledge to ongoing improvement and accountability. Regular self-assessment and external evaluations keep the institution aligned with evolving academic demands. This commitment benefits students by ensuring a progressive and relevant educational experience.
  • Empowerment of Graduates: Accreditation empowers graduates to excel in the job market. Certification from accredited institutions carry added value in the job market. Employers acknowledge the rigorous standards upheld by these institutions, giving graduates a competitive edge.

RCM Online College- Nairobi Accreditation

Previously, RCM Online College was operating under interim accreditation. Recently the college was granted full accreditation by KASNEB following a rigorous assessment of the college and its operation. The Board of KASNEB granted the RCM Online College FULL ACCREDITATION after ascertaining its holistic compliance with the set standards. The accreditation is valid for a period of five years from 1st June 2024 to 31st May 2029.

The management of RCM Online College assures its key stakeholders including students, faculty, staff, and partners of its commitment towards maintenance of high standard of training for the KASNEB courses. The college has been accredited to offer the following courses

Benefits of Studying at RCM Online College

The key benefits that KASNEB students can leverage by enrolling for classes at RCM Online College include:

Flexible Study Modes: RCM Online College has curated a study mode to meet the needs of its diverse student base. Notably, the student community at the college comprises of different demographics including form four leave outs, students enrolled for other courses and those already in the job market. To meet the needs of its students RCM Online College offers different study modes including:

Physical Classes at Stanbank House, 1st floor along Moi Avenue,

  • Early morning
  • Day Classes
  • Evening Classes

Online Classes

  • Live Zoom classes
  • Prerecorded Zoom Classes

Here are a sample of our class lectures:

Learning Resources: RCM Online College in collaboration with RCM Publishers ensure that students have access to learning resources including study books and revision kits at pocket friendly rates. provides adequate resources and facilities to support student learning and research. Also, the college exploits different technological platforms such as Zoom, the RCM Soma App and YouTube for its online classes and provision of learning material virtually.

Extracurricular events: RCM Online College recognizes the importance of networking beyond the classroom. Therefore, the college organizes regular extracurricular and outdoor activities. Students can leverage the extracurricular events to network and build their interpersonal skills.

Affordability: RCM Online College charges pocket friendly rates for its classes. Also study kits and books learning from RCM Publishers are highly discounted.

ENROLL for CAMS, CPA, CS and ATD at RCM Online College today for the May to August intake.

Visit our website at, email us at [email protected], call us at 0793555000/0719525000, or visit us at Stanbank House, 1st floor along Moi Avenue, Nairobi for clarification