One of the entry level courses for accounting by KASNEB is CAMS. CAMS equips candidates with skills, knowledge and competencies to tackle basic accounting and management services such preparation of financial statements and basic accounting. Certification in CAMS enables finalist to excel in entry level accounting jobs in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and public sector entities.

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Entry Qualification for CAMS

The entry qualification for CAMS includes:

  • KCSE mean grade D or its equivalent
  • A vocational certificate
  • Any other qualification that KASNEB may approve

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CAMS Levels

CAMS comprises of two levels. The first level has four (4) papers; the second level has three (3) papers making a total of seven (7) papers.

Level 1

The level 1 CAMS papers include:

  • Principles of Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Introduction to Law and Ethics
  • Fundamental ICT Skills
  • Fundamentals of Business Mathematics

Level 2

The level 2 CAMS papers include:

  • Foundations of Accounting
  • Elements of Taxation
  • Principles of Marketing and Communication


  • The course is fully tuition based with requirements for students to sit for continuous assessment tests (CATs), which constitute 15% of the final score for assessment purposes.
  • The examinations will be administered primarily on a computer-based platform.

CAMS Study Duration

The CAMS course is administered in two levels, with each level requiring an average of six months, thus a total of one year.

Note: Combination Level I refer papers with Level II papers

A recent circular by KASNEB allows students enrolled for the CAMS course to:

  1. Combination Level I refer paper(s) with three Level II papers. The opportunity to combine Level 1 referral papers and Level 2 papers will enable CAMS students to complete the course within the stipulated one-year period.
  2. The proposal for combination Level I refer papers with Level II papers will be effective from August 2024 examination sitting.

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Study Modes

RCM Online College offers students different study modes that align with their needs and requirements including:

  • Full-time: CAMS students can enroll for full time classes at RCM Online College at Stanbank House.
  • Part-time: Alternatively, CAMS students can enroll for part-time classes including evening and early morning.
  • Online classes: RCM Online College offers online classes through Zoom, pre-recorded video and app videos.

Charges for CAMS at RCM Online College

RCM Online College charges affordable for different modes of study. CAMS classes (Zoom, videos and class notes is Kshs 4800 per unit. Students that opt for videos are required to pay Kshs. 4800. The charges for a combination of classes and app videos is Kshs.7500 unit.  Students with retakes will be required to pay Kshs 3800 per unit only.

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Study Texts and Revision Kits

Effective study texts and revision kits are crucial for ease of study and preparedness for exams.  RCM Online College in collaboration with RCM Publishers has curated study texts and revision kits for CAMS. The study texts for CAMS are Kshs 1500 and Kshs 800 for hard and soft copy respectively. Also, the revision kits for CAMS are Kshs 1000 and Kshs 600 for hard and soft copy respectively.

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