There are several changes that KASNEB announced in August 2023 that all CPA students, other stakeholders, and training institutions should be aware of and implement. The changes to CPA exams include:

1. The Reintroduction of Advanced Management Accounting as a compulsory paper from January 2024

KASNEB is reintroducing Advanced Management Accounting (AMA) as a compulsory unit at the CPA advanced level. The change will affect all CPA students enrolling for the CPA advanced level from January 1, 2024. The reintroduction of AMA was informed by reviews in the global accountancy environment and other emerging developments. Before the changes, the structure of the CPA advanced level was as follows:

Compulsory Papers/Units

1. Leadership and Management

2. Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis

3. Advanced Financial Management

4. Advanced Management Accounting

Specialization/Theory Paper

5. Advanced Taxation

6. Advanced Auditing and Assurance

7. Advanced Public Financial Management

Practical Paper (Compulsory Paper)

8. Business Data Analytics (Practical Paper)

The changes will require students taking the CPA advanced level from January 1, 2024, to take four compulsory units including AMA which was previously optional.

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2. Implementation of the Gazetted Accountants (Examination) rules, 2022 on the maximum period of registration as a KASNEB student

Parliament approved the gazetted accountants (examination) rules 2022. The Accountant (examination) Rules 2022, gazetted in August 2022 under the Legal Notice No.15 stipulates that the maximum period for student registration under KASNEB is as follows:

Level of Qualification Maximum Period of Registration
Vocational 1 year
Certificate 3 Years
Diploma 6 Years
Professional 10 Years
Post-professional 3 Years

Note: Students must take note of the changes in accountant examination rules to ensure compliance.

3. Review of Administrative fees on confirmation letters and subscription fees to e-learning resources

The new fees for conformation letters will be as follows:

  • Individual candidates will be required to pay Kshs.300 to Kshs.600 for each confirmation letter.
  • Candidates will be required to pay Kshs.300 to Kshs.1000 for each institutional confirmation

4. Annual subscription fees for access to KASNEB e-learning Resources

To access e-learning resources on KASNEB students and other stakeholders will be required to pay an annual subscription of Kshs.1000 per person. KASNEB students, practitioners, trainers, and other students have the opportunity to apply for the annual subscription on the KASNEB website from 1st September 2023.

5. Launch of computer-based examinations (CBE) for ATD Level II students

The launch of ATD Level I examinations on computer-based platforms in the August 2023 sitting paved the way for the launch of the same for ATD Level II examinations from December 2023 onwards. Consequently, ATD Level III examinations will be administered on computer-based platforms from April 2024.

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Payments to KASNEB

Payments to KASNEB by students, sponsors, guardians, and parents should be made to the institution directly through the following bank accounts:

  • National Bank of Kenya (NBK) – 01001031572601
  • Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)- 1203681194

Note: Payments should not be made to any KASNEB staff or agents. Also, the institution does not accept any cash payments.

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