After completing the course requirements and passing exams for the Intermediate Level students qualify for the Certified Public Accounts (CPA) Advanced Level. The advanced level is the last phase before a candidate becomes a CPA finalist and applies to become a CPA(K). The CPA Advanced Level comprises four compulsory papers and one specialization paper.

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Structure of CPA Advanced Level

CPA Advanced Level comprises four compulsory papers as follows:

Compulsory Papers

1. Leadership and Management – The unit imparts knowledge and skills that facilitate applying management and leadership skills to grow enterprises in different circumstances and environments.

2. Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis – The course content enables candidates to acquire knowledge and skills to account for complex transactions. It also enables candidates to participate in the preparation of advanced financial statements and reports in both the public and private sectors. The unit also enhances awareness of the trends in accounting practice.

3. Advanced Financial Management – It equips candidates with skills, knowledge, and attitudes that facilitate the application of advanced financial management methods and techniques in a contemporary work environment in both the private and public sectors.

4. Advanced Management Accounting – The unit ensures that candidates can apply advanced management accounting tools and techniques for decision-making in the context of organization strategy.

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CPA Advanced Level students also have to complete one specialization paper. Students can select one theory paper out of the three stipulated below. Alternatively, students can select a practical paper (Business Data Analytics) as their specialization option. The advanced-level paper includes:

Specialization/Theory Paper

5. Advanced Taxation – The course contents for the advanced taxation unit equip candidates with skills, knowledge, and attitudes that facilitate the resolution of complex tax issues. It also facilitates the implementation of tax planning initiatives and tax administration in different business environments.

6. Advanced Auditing and Assurance – The unit prepares candidates to undertake advanced audit and assurance engagements in compliance with the regulatory framework and international standards in auditing.

7. Advanced Public Financial Management – The unit enables candidates to implement regulations and policy directives that govern advanced public financial management issues. The course content also equips candidates with advanced financial methods and techniques for analyzing and managing public debt and public investments, especially in the public sector.

Practical Paper (Compulsory Paper)

8. Business Data Analytics (Practical Paper) – Imparts students with knowledge and skills that enable them to use information technology to support decision-making using data analytics. It also equips students with the digital competency necessary for preparing and analyzing financial statements and forecasting.

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