CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exams can be challenging for students that wait for the last minute to commit to their studies. Students that do not commit to a study plan and do not have access to the effective study material are likely to spend a lot of their time sifting through outdated notes and revision kits. To enhance your ability to pass CPA exams in the first attempt, students need to dedicate adequate time to study and revise. Also, when CPA students employ effective study techniques, use recommended course texts and appropriate revision texts, ensure ease of synthesizing course material and enhancing readiness for exams.

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Factors that determine Number of Hours you Should Study for CPA Exams

There are a number of factors that influence the number of hours that CPA students’ study to prepare for exams. These factors include:

  • Familiarity with the course concepts – Students familiar with course concepts will require less time to assimilate unit material unlike those that are learning the concepts for the first time. For instance, students retaking a unit or have done another course will take less time to assimilate the course content compared to another student unfamiliar with the same. However, students that are encountering new course concepts for the first time, need not to worry because with an effective study plan and the recommended study material they can still ensure learning effectiveness and exam preparedness.
  • Study Materials – Students with access to the recommended course material will have ease of study. Also, it is critical for students to have effective revision kits and past papers. One of the ways of ensuring CPA students have the recommended study material is downloading revision material on the KASNEB website. Alternatively, students can enroll for classes at CPA accredited colleges. RCM Online College has highly competent team of lecturers that delivers CPA course concepts in a manner that ensures ease of assimilating course concepts. RCM Online College has well curated study books and revision kits from RCM Publishers that will ensure ease of study and readiness for exams. Also, students can access CPA past papers on the RCM Online College website.
  • Study Plan – Students that develop and commit to a study plan earlier on in the semester can be able to assimilate the course material with ease thus can spend less time when revising for exams. Consistency when studying ensures learning effectiveness, thus, avoiding last minute rush. A study plan enables a student to spread the study hours throughout the semester ensure effective assimilation of course material and consequently preparedness for exams.

Ultimately, the number of study hours for CPA varies depending on a number of factors including familiarity with the course concepts, study plan and materials. Although students some students encounter new course concepts, commitment to a study plan and access to the recommended study materials they can ensure effective learning and consequently exam preparedness without last minute rush and consequently burnout.

From our highly competent team at RCM Online College, we wish you the very best as you pursue the KNEC Courses for the January to April 2024 semester.

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