CPA Study Books in Kenya: The perfect guide to your success

Are you a CPA student debating whether to purchase study books? Are you also wondering which study books to get? Worry no more!! This article provides you with comprehensive information about CPA study books in Kenya.

Importance of CPA Study Books

Having the right study material and resources when preparing for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exams is imperative for the attainment of the learning outcomes and success in your exams. CPA is undoubtedly one of the most difficult professional courses, but with the correct study materials, it will not only be easier and more likely that you will succeed.

The right study books expose students to course concepts that align with the CPA course outline and questions that help in the preparation for exams. The right course content and exposure to examinable material help to support your journey when synthesizing the course material thus making the experience less stressful and ultimately enjoyable.  Although there is a wide array of CPA study books accessible to students taking this course in Kenya, RCM Online College recommends RCM Publishers study books and revision kits.

Note: It is not only important to get the CPA study books it is critical to get the right study books at RCM Publishers.

RCM Publishers

RCM Publishers was founded in 2013 by RCM College. Since its inception, RCM has been able to publish a variety of study books/ revision kits to ensure that our students have the right course content and revision material when studying.

It is without question that RCM Publishers is your one-stop shop for your CPA study books. Specifically, the study books and revision kits enable students to unpack hard questions that enhance their readiness for exams. The study books and revision kits also equip students with the knowledge, competency, and skills necessary for them to thrive in today’s job market and build a progressive career in accounting and other related fields.

The RCM Publisher’s study books are reviewed by renowned subject experts in the industry you can be assured they will provide you with everything you need for exam success. Notably, one of the key features of the RCM Publishers study books and revision kits is ‘comprehensive exam quizzes and exam guides from our top lecturers’. Notably, the RCM Publisher’s study books and revision kits are curated by a team of highly competent lecturers who have expansive experience with the CPA course material and setting exams.

The RCM Publishers include the BDA Study Text, CPA/ CS/ ATD Study Text, and Revision Kit. Students who have taken the bold step and purchased the RCM Publishers’ study books and revision kits have had positive experiences as exemplified by the positive reviews.

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Where to Buy

RCM Publishers uses a multi-channel distribution strategy to ensure that students have access to their study books and revision kits. CPA students can purchase the RCM publishers from the following three locations

  • RCM Online College at Stanbank House, 1st floor along Moi Avenue, Nairobi Kenya
  • Savanis Bookshop
  • Ereto Bookshop-Nakuru

Note: Contact the RCM Online College help desk or visit our website to get more information about how you can get study books and revision books and begin your journey in getting CPA certification.


RCM Publishers charges pocket-friendly rates for its study books and revision kits. The prices for the study books and revision kits are as follows:

BDA Study Text Kshs. 2000
CPA/ CS/ ATD Study Text Kshs. 1500
Revision Kit Kshs 1000

Visit the RCM Online College website at, email us at [email protected], call us at +254719525000 or visit us at Corner House 13th Floor along Kimathi Street, Suite A6 for clarification.