Having the right study notes and revision kits is critical for passing Certified Public Accountants (CPA) exams. Fundamentally, having reliable and up-to-date notes, past papers and revision kits contributes significantly to a student’s ability to pass their exams in the first attempt. There are various sources of notes and revision kits for CPA students. However, it is imperative to identify appropriate up-to-date, and reliable notes and revision kits

KASNEB Materials

Often students will borrow notes and revision papers from peers, yet, they may be outdated and thus not reliable. Also, shared notes often contain errors and incorrect information which ultimately affects a student’s ability to pass their exams. Therefore, it is critical for students to check the official KASNEB (Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board) website for recommended study materials, including syllabi, textbooks, and past papers.

KASNEB provides the course outline for each of the units which should serve as a checklist for students when they are studying. Studying day and night with the wrong material will ultimately lead to exam failure and frustration. If student does have access to the KASNEB website, they can enroll for classes in one of CPA accredited colleges. In the event the student does not want to enroll for classes they can still get notes, revision kits, and past papers from an accredited college.

RCM Online College offers classes, revision kits, and revision papers that align with the KASNEB-recommended CPA material. ENROLL TODAY and contact our help desk for more information about our revision kits.


It is imperative for CPA students to invest in reputable textbooks that cover the CPA syllabus. You can find textbooks from well-known publishers that are aligned with the KASNEB syllabus. CPA students can get a list of the CPA recommended books list from the KASNEB website. Notably, the CPA-recommended book list is available in the course outline that students can download on the KASNEB website for free.

Contact the RCM Online College help desk for more information about the CPA-recommended textbooks.

Revision Kits

CPA students can purchase CPA revision kits from various publishers and bookstores. The revision kits include summaries, practice questions, and answers to help you review the material effectively. At RCM Online College we offer our students revision kits from RCM Publishers at highly competitive prices. CPA students can purchase the RCM publishers from the following three locations:

  1. RCM Online College at Stanbank House, 1st floor along Moi Avenue, Nairobi Kenya
  2. Savanis Bookshop
  3. Ereto Bookshop-Nakuru

Contact the RCM Online College help desk or visit our website to get more information about how you can get study books and revision books and begin your journey in getting CPA certification.

Past Papers

Past papers help to familiarize students with exam questions. Solving past papers is an excellent way to understand the format of the exams and test your knowledge. CPA students can access KASNEB exam papers from online and offline sources.

RCM Online College offers students CPA past papers that they can download and use offline when revising. The college has a comprehensive collection of past papers to help students prep for CPA exams. Notably, the college has past papers dating back to 2015 to the recent exam sitting in both hard and soft copy.

Read More: https://www.rcmonlinecollege.co.ke/cpa-past-papers/

From our highly competent team at RCM Online College, we wish you the very best as you revise for your upcoming exams.

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