Previously, payments for Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board (KASNEB) services were made via the institution’s bank accounts or its pay bill number. In the recent past, KASNEB closed its pay bill number 204777 which it used for receiving payments for the diverse services it offers.

Following the KASNEB pay bill number’s closure, fee payments will be shifting to the e-Citizen Platform pay bill number 222222. The closure of the KASNEB pay bill number and the consequent shift to the e-citizen pay bill number complies with the presidential directive for all public payments for all government services to pay for government services on the e-Citizen platform. Therefore, students, their parents, and guardians need to take note of the changes in payments for KASNEB services.

At RCM Online College we provide our students, their parents, and guardians with the necessary guidelines and information that will help students transition to the e-Citizen pay bill number for payments made to KASNEB with ease. Feel free to visit the college or contact the college’s help desk for more information and assistance with the payment process.

KASNEB Services Transitioned to the Government Pay Bill Number

There are diverse payments that KASNEB students have to make to the institutions for the different services they receive. Payment of fees for the following KASNEB services has transitioned to the e-Citizen platform:

  1. Registration
  2. Annual Renewal
  3. Examination booking
  4. Exemptions
  5. Conformation of results
  6. Deferment
  7. Certificate storage fees
  8. Remarking

Note: Students must identify the payments they need to make to KASNEB to qualify for each respective exam sitting. They must also take note of the payment deadlines for the respective KASNEB services. Contact the RCM Online College help desk for more information and clarification about KASNEB services that have transitioned to the e-Citizen platform.

Steps for Payment on the Government Pay Bill Number

There are several steps that students, guardians, or their parents must follow when making payments for KASNEB services on the e-Citizen platform. To make payment for KASNEB services students should log in to the student portal at  Students should generate invoices on the portal. The invoice will allow the student to make mobile money payments as follows:

  1. Tap PAY NOW where it asks you to “Choose Payment Option”
  2. The system will automatically process the payment using the MPESA account number displayed.
  3. Input a different phone number to make payments if you wish to use an alternative number
  4. You should receive a payment popup on your phone
  5. Input your MPESA PIN, then tap OK.
  6. You will receive a confirmation SMS on your phone

The student has an option to make the payment immediately or later. Therefore, if the payment will be made later the student should follow the following steps:

  1. Enter 222222 as the Pay Bill Number
  2. Enter the payment account Number (As generated via the eCitizen)
  3. Key in the exact amount as per the generated invoice.
  4. Enter your pin and click SEND
  5. Wait for the confirmation SMS

For any queries or guidance on how to make payments for KASNEB services on the e-citizen platform contact the RCM Online College help desk or visit us at Stanbank House.

From our highly competent team at RCM Online College, we wish you the very best as you pursue the KASNEB Courses for the January to April 2024 semester.

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