Certified Forensic Fraud Examiner (CFFE) is a post-professional course administered by KASNEB. The CFFE course is suitable for professionals who want to acquire skills, competency, and certification that will help to build a career in fraud risk management and fraud detection systems. There is growing demand for professionals with CFFE certification in the local and international labor market due to the rise in fraud and corruption incidences in the private and public sectors CFFE is a business administration course and ranks under level 8 by the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA).

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 CFFE Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

The objectives of the CFFE course are as follows:

  1. To build skills, competency, and knowledge in different areas including
  2. Fraud prevention
  3. Fraud and corruption investigations
  4. Fraud risk analysis and related areas

The learning outcomes for the CFFE course include:

  1. The application of analytical techniques in fraud detection
  2. The design and implementation of detective and preventive controls.
  3. The application and ensuring compliance with appropriate fraud investigation laws
  4. The application of burden and standard of proof in criminal and civil and criminal proceedings.
  5. The application of different techniques and methods of conducting fraud investigation
  6. Writing standard investigation and expert witness reports.
  7. Developing programs for fraud prevention.
  8. Conducting a fraud prevention health checkup.
  9. Developing and implementing a fraud risk management program.

Entry Qualification

The qualification for enrollment and registration for CFFE exams with KASNEB include:

  1. KASNEB professional qualification or KNQF level 7 qualifications or equivalent qualifications recognized by KNQA
  2. Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university
  3. Any other qualification considered equivalent to the above

Course Levels

The CFFE course has three levels/modules as follows:

  • Module One
  1. Introduction to Forensic Accounting and Audit
  2. Fraud and Corruption Schemes
  3. Overview of The Legal and Justice System
  • Module Two
  1. Law Related to Fraud
  2. Principles of Law of Evidence and the Trial Process
  3. Planning and Conducting Formal Investigations
  • Module Three
  1. Fraud Prevention and Detection
  2. Fraud Risk Management
  3. Integrated Case Study and Workshop

Note: CFFE is a fairly short course thus it takes one year to complete. Notably, each level takes approximately three months to complete. Also, the examination modules for the CFFE course comprise workshops that candidates must undertake at the end of the course. Enroll for the course today at RCM Online College to begin your journey of getting CFFE accreditation by KASNEB.

 Examination Sitting

CFFE examinations are held three times each year in April, August, and December. However, the examination sittings for CFFE may vary in line with changes in the KASNEB calendar.

Note: Check the KASNEB website dates for confirmation of the exam dates and timetable for the specific course levels for the CFFE course.

Fee Charges for Enrollment at RCM Online College

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Note: Contact the RCM Online College help desk for further information about charges for the CFFE classes, timetable, and learning material available for CFFE students. We look forward to serving you and supporting your journey to getting CFFE accreditation by KASNEB.

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