College networking events are important to the academic future of students, career prospects and growth. RCM Online College organizes and hosts networking events including sporting and outdoor activities. There are several reasons why they are of great significance. The benefits of attending networking events/ fun day include:

  1. Relaxation and stress management: Networking events especially outdoor activities such as sports and games provide a platform for relaxation and consequently stress management. Most high education program such as accounting and other professional courses are often intense which can limit students’ ability to participate in social and networking activities. Therefore, networking events organized by a college provides students with a feasible opportunity for relaxation and stress management.
  2. Networking skills: Networking events help students to develop professional skills. Through interaction with different groups during networking events a student improves his / her effective communication, public speaking and personal branding. These are common skills which will not only make you successful in your career but can also be developed by regular practice and interaction in both formal and informal setting.
  3. Mentorship and counseling: During networking events students can get a mentor and mentor who would guide, encourage, make recommendations on academic formations, career paths and career development. Mentorship relationships can play a significant role in navigating the complexities of the process. For instance, during the networking events students get the opportunity to interact with other students with similar career aspirations thus can be able to get invaluable information and mentors that are necessary for successful career building and progression.
  4. Career building: Networking events introduce students to prospective employers, industry professionals, and alumni – providing access to internships, possible job leads, and other avenues to career development. These connections can also lead to interviews, job offers and amazing industry info that you can get nowhere else. As thus, students should take advantage of any college networking events so that they can be able to build networks and get connections that are critical for successful career building.
  5. Confidence building: Attending networking events enables students to have regular interaction with a variety of people builds confidence. As students become more comfortable speaking with new people, their overall communication skills improve. Students get an opportunity to improve their communication and team working skills which are essential in the modern-day workplace.
  6. Interpersonal skills: Engaging in conversations with peers, professors, and professionals enhances interpersonal communication skills. Students learn how to listen actively, respond thoughtfully, and engage in meaningful dialogue. In doing so, the students build the necessary interpersonal skills which essentially cannot be learnt effectively in the contemporary classroom setup.
  7. Nonverbal communication: Networking events provide a platform to practice nonverbal communication, such as maintaining eye contact, using appropriate body language, and interpreting others’ nonverbal cues. During outdoor activities sch as sports and games students are able to practice and master non-verbal communication.
  8. Support system: Attending networking activities when in college provides students with a support system that they can rely on for advice, recommendations, and assistance throughout their careers. This network can be invaluable during job searches, career transitions, and professional challenges.

Note: Do not be left out take advantage of the networking events organized by RCM Online College for its student community. Through the networking events students get an opportunity to interact with our lecturers, alumni and other students. Reach out to the RCM Online College help desk to enquire about the next networking events/ fun day.

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