9.2 Powers and duties of the Company Secretary

Statutory duties

The company’s secretary is generally responsible for keeping the statutory records, filling returns to the registrar and generally ensuring good corporate governance. His main duties include:

  • To ensure that the statutory books and registers are kept up to date, in good order and available for inspection.
  • To ensure that all necessary forms for the registrar are accurate and submitted on time
  • To ensure safe custody and correct use of the company seal.
  • To ensure that the annual return is accurate and submitted on time
  • To attend and take minutes of meetings of shareholders and the board and to ensure that such meetings are validly called according to statute and the articles and if necessary advice the chairman on the correct procedure at such meetings.
  • Generally to ensure that the company complies with the provisions of the Companies Act, other legislation and the MOA and AOA.
  • In case of a public company, to ensure compliance with the securities exchange requirement
  • To ensure that changes in the membership are handled correctly and valid share certificates are issued.
  • To ensure that dividends are paid correctly and that valid dividend vouchers are issued.
  • To ensure that statutory accounts are sent to the shareholders and that a copy where necessary is send to the registrar.